Elegant clear or frosted shapes with glass pearls to hang at different heights
and create a glorious site-specific installation.Like a fine Parisian lady of the Belle Époque – the glass is her dress and the pearls her jewellery.

Exotic shapes in fine glass that can be lit from above, from within or both, making a wide range of compositions possible.

Particularly suited to long drops – through several floors of a stairwell, for example.

A graceful suspended glass element that can be massed to play with spaces – to be a room divider, to hide a column or to embellish a wall, HIME can be lit from above, from below and/or from the side to bring out the magical effects
of light on the surface of each glass.
With this installation we want to celebrate the magic of our lands, representing the poetry of one of the most characteristic environments
surrounding us: the Venetian lagoon.
We’re overhanged by this wave of sparkling refined floating, enlightened by a royal overhead light.
It takes your breath away with its magnificence, through the plays of reflections of these precious glasses.
It’s our tribute to the art of making glass.
It’s our Laguna.
Like soap bubbles dancing in the air, NARA are perfect spheres, a timeless,
well-detailed design to hang in groups over a table, down a stairwell or to  brighten a dark corner.
A modular system made up of four different shapes, available in clear or
frosted glass, lit from above.Different cables and components can be chosen
to customize and embellish any environment.

Inspired by the Arabian Nights, ONEIRIC is a transparent glass sphere, available in two sizes, embellished by a gold-finished element.

Combined with a steel or a fabric-covered cable, ONEIRIC become a precious jewel…sweet thoughts flying away in a dream of summer nights.

Strong, rigorous, masculine shapes that create a skyline of light, composed by
hanging combinations of the three lengths of frosted glass tubes at different heights.