A unique manufacturing process, one of the greatest examples of Made in Italy exclusivity.
Vetrart, glass factory founded in 1990 by Daniele Bagnara and Alessandra Schiano, has become over time a creative
team of venetian glass masters, who continue to guard one of the most famous and popular tradition in the world,
working manually each piece.
Just in this way they can get the excellence of the glass made in Vetrart.

With a production staff composed exclusively of highly skilled venetian craftsmen, the company has established itself
more and more in the European and global market, first as a high quality gifts and furnishing complements producer,
and later in the field of lighting, with a new approach to design and innovation.



Vetrart specializes in the processing of pyrex borosilicate, a light neutral glass, with a technique called “a lume” ( lamp working ), performed with high pressure flames fed by propane gas andoxygen.
The material can be modeled in many desired shapes.
The versatility of this type of glass allows us to create shapes with a great variety of solutions,adaptable to any space requirement and fit for any type of environment.

Each of our individual pieces is carefully handcrafted by our expert craftsmen.
Our expertise is based on the combination of manual know how and modern concepts, age-old knowledge on the art of glass work that look at the present and the future according to the perspectives of contemporary design.
Masters of composition, our artisans shape the forms to favour the generation of the brightest one, with design solutions that enhance the senses, revitalize the space and enriching the environment.



The designers and craftsmen of Vetrart work constantly alongside their customers to offer them solutions and products that respond exactly to the requests and needs expressed.
We are able to cover all the work phases, blueprint analysis, from design to production, from delivery to placement consultancy, installation.

Whatever the customer’s starting idea, we work to provide totally customized products, made with extreme attention to detail, which make them pieces that are unique.
All the know how and attractiveness of Made In Italy design into tailor made objects, completely corresponding to the wishes and aesthetic visions of our customers.
Not cold artefacts, but extensions, expressions, complements and ideas that are carried out. A ductile material that gives life to emotions, expresses the beauty of concepts and gives life to immagination.